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Devil using music, social media to lure people from God – Sarkodie

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sarkMichael Owusu Addo, known by his stage name Sarkodie made a very compelling post which got his fans talking.

The 30 year old rapper who is preparing to release his fourth overall album in a facebook post preached about salvation to his numerous fans.

The post which was written in his native “twi” language talked about how the devil is making the life of believers very difficult and urging Christians to wake up from their slumber because they do not wrestle against flesh and blood.

The multi-award winner also revealed how the devil is using many ways to lure people away from God’s kingdom, citing music, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as the major tools involved.

His post which was written in ‘twi’ language can be translated as:

“I don’t normally read the Bible but I know that at the end time the world will be full of sin. The devil is trying to mislead the children of God.

But if we could also desist from evil and depend on God for everything, then He’ll save us. We do not wrestle against the flesh my lovely people, it’s very dangerous..we don’t know when we will die, if tomorrow or tonight. Satan is using different ways to take my souls from me (GOD)!!! Instagram Facebook Twitter music….everything!!!!””

What most of his fans were asking was that when Sarkodie made mention of music as a tool used by the devil in these last days, was his songs part if this tool? If so, then this is a wake up call to everyone.

Read his message below:sark

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