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Judges bribery scandal; Kweku Bonsam cautions Anas about imminent spiritual attack

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Judges bribery scandal; Kweku Bonsam cautions Anas about imminent spiritual attack .Renowned traditional priest, Stephen Osei Mensah, popularly known as Nana Kwaku Bonsam has asked ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas to be cautious since some judges were planning to ‘eliminate’ him.

According to Kwaku Bonsam, Anas should brace up because he was going to face a number of physical and spiritual attacks in the coming weeks following his exposé of a bribery scandal that has rocked the Judiciary.

Anas in his latest work, which is yet to be premiered, has 180 officials of the Judicial Service, caught on camera taking bribes and extorting money from litigants.

Thirty-four of the suspected culprits are said to be judges at the High, the Circuit and the District courts.

Some of the culprits have also been linked to sex scandals in a three-hour edited video emanating from a two-year investigation into corrupt practices in the Judicial Service.

Trending Information gathered by Graphic Online indicates that Anas, who conducted the investigations across the country, is under intense pressure not to air the video as planned.

Those against the airing of the video are of the view that it will embarrass and cripple the judicial system, while those in support hold the position that it would rather weed out the bad lots and serve as a deterrent to anyone who intends to engage in corrupt practices in the service.

The New Crusading Guide newspaper where Anas works as the Acting Editor-in-Chief, on Wednesday September 9, 2015 published that Kwaku Bonsam visited their offices in Accra on Tuesday to personally deliver the message which he claimed was from the gods to Anas.

The newspaper reported that, “in his, red smock (fugu), animal tail (bodua) snapped on his left hand and other traditional regalia to match, which he said was a sign of his seriousness about the revelation from his supernatural master, ‘Kofi oo Kofi powers’, Kwaku Bonsam said it was revealed to him last Friday (Fofie) that some judges were planning to eliminate Anas.”

“I am a fetish priest, who works with traditional powers and thus consult gods and many other powerful spirits. There are some revelations when ‘Kofi oo Kofi powers’ brings, you don’t wait until it comes to pass before you try to voice it out. When it happens that way it makes you a liar, so I will not sit down for this to happen to our brother before I come to say it, whatever revelation Kofi oo Kofi’ brings is up to me to approach whoever it’s about and let him know what is about to happen”, he told the New Crusading Guide newspaper.

“I do not know this young man anywhere,” he continued “whether it’s you who is Anas or not I don’t know, I have only decided to come to the New Crusading Guide to give him my message, I don’t know where his faith lies, whether in Buddhism, Harikrishna, a Muslim or even in me Kwaku Bonsam I don t know, but I have come to caution him lo brace up for the attack that is coming. I appreciate the good works he has been doing and I like him, but from this minute to a week or three or even a month, something can happen to him, so he should be very, very careful, I beg him. As for me I know people are going to say I am crazy, but I will still have to say it. It will only take just a day for Ghanaians to realize that I am a genuine person, by then, maybe it would be too late”.

Kwaku Bonsam further explained to the newspaper that the spiritual attack on Anas could come in the form of madness, strange ailment, or an unexplained death, whilst the physical could take any form, but would be a well calculated one.

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