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Paedae, ‘a best rapper’?

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“Yes” is the answer to the title question of this write up. I can imagine a frown on many faces reading this because that compressed muscled face is the portrait I see whenever I say that Paedae is “a best rapper”.

With the rise of many rappers in the country, Paedae has been tagged by many as a “whack rapper” but ironically forget that “whack” means “big or huge”. Most pundits say Paedae is not a rapper.

I find that mind boggling and that leaves me with the question- by what standard do you measure a good rap? I dare say you know nothing about rap should you say Paedae is not “a best rapper” in this country. Let’s start from the genesis.


“From the clumsiest of dust diamond is found…and from a small nation like Ghana, here comes this sound…”- Paedae introduced the hit song Yawa Girl. I rated Paedae the best after I listened to his verses in that song because, lyrically and stylistically, he delivered a crafted art in a rap.

I have since followed his works and he hasn’t disappointed (although most pundits disagree). I do not want to analyse Paedae’s works here but honestly, I must reiterate that, it’s a whole university programme on its own.

His critics say his delivery is slow and I ask why he must rush a rap. It’s not that he cannot twist or “go hard” on a beat but every beat has its own mood.

Dear critics, listen to blood related, sonder or fair warning if you want to hear Paedae twisting and going hard.

They say, Paedae is lyrically empty, to mean he says nothing in his raps. Goodness Gracious God, GGG! I opened a dictionary when I listened to Yawa Girl because I thought “that rapper” was using words anyhow to deceive. My finding was that, Paedae is deep, a Pierian Spring, you need a careful mind to comprehend his verses. I don’t mean insults but to say, you need to LISTEN. The argument has been that, he doesn’t rap like…. Well, let me expound in the middle.


Paedae is the half of r2bees, along with Mugeez. Most often, Paedae is judged with his verses in R2bees, that is not a mountain to climb, the opinion held is that he raps little. The group R2bee’s hit songs, used in judging Paedae, are mostly highlife dance tunes which do not require “hard rap” simply because people simply want to dance and not to listen. He goes cool and plays with the beat while treating the themes which is accepted. It’s called pun and when Bayla Trap drops, for instance, you feel Paedae’s hardness!

Why the backlash then? Having listened to the Revolution 2 album, you will agree Paedae is ‘a best rapper’. I use “A” best rapper because there are equally best rappers and Paedae is surely at the top, at par with your favourite rapper.

Your favourite rapper is not the best rapper because his rap easily caresses your ears and unfortunately the best rapper is not a favourite rapper. Everyone has a choice but the rudiment of rap cannot be altered by choice. Why? Nas over Jay z or vice versa answers the question. To the revelation…


This section is not about the last days but about a best rapper, Paedae, whose delivery, style and lyrical ingenuity is one that only a few Ghanaians will appreciate. His verses in R2bees’ hit songs are still being rapped and danced to, whether playfully or not, it’s enjoyed.

Dear pundits and critics, do not listen to Paedae once but more than once and understanding will come to you in shades of great rap, awe and amusement. I do hope you heard Nineteen Ninety, off his Victory Through Harmony as well as Swag, recently released.

I have tried not to start a war with the comparisons done when the talk about best rappers in Ghana is started. Some rappers are popular and loved by many yet they are the best and there are some who are popular but are not the best.

Also, there are the best rappers who are not popularly cut out for the masses. Paedae is such a one. He is popular with R2bees than himself. Victory Through Harmony is the birth of Omar Sterling (Paedae), the cut out rapper you clamour for.


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